A Surrealist adventure with Salvador, Frida, and the Zombie Hordes

20170219_161917They shuffle along, unaware of the people around them. Deaf to conversation and “excuse me’s”. Bobbing and weaving to squeeze their way past their brethren to get a better view. All with the same singular focus.

The audio tour.

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#32like12 – Birthday Swim with Manatees

DCIM100MEDIAI don’t get terribly excited about birthdays. I’ve had some great ones, but for the most part they have a way of disappointing you since they’re an opportunity for people you care about to disappoint you by not showing up. I decided to skip all of that this year and runaway for the weekend. Specifically the BFF and I had grand plans of stowing away on a plane to somewhere fun (thanks, buddy passes), but apparently the rest of the world had the same idea for their long Presidents Day weekend so all of the flights were full.

We refused to give up on a weekend of adventure and while deciding on a roadtrip destination I landed on an idea; to ring in #32like12. Instead of attempting to have a glamorous grown up trip, which to be honest doesn’t appeal to me at all, I would do the silly things that I would have loved as a kid, starting with the primary goal of the trip – to swim with manatees at Crystal River.

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Connie’s Fried Chicken and the Kindness of Strangers

Apparently I am a total cliche, so I’m taking the first of the year as an opportunity to take some writing classes and try out some new techniques. Below is one of my first stabs at one of them. 


20161230_202631_001The smell of deep fryers and a hint of sweetness hang in the air with the din of conversation as we line up behind 10 or so other hungry people at the dingy beige counter. Overhead is a menu board offering “BREAKFAST (with gravy)”.

It is New Years Eve and we’re in Connie’s Fried Chicken in Tupelo, Mississippi and we’re here in search of biscuits and gravy. We’re in town on an overnight pit stop on a journey to Clarksdale for a holiday weekend of blues and barbeque. I settled on Connie’s after stumbling upon beautiful pictures of fried chicken on one of several travel sites that I read obsessively and was immediately in love.

“Oh my god, look at those doughnuts. Can we move to Tupelo?”

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Ma Rainey Tour of Columbus, GA

sntk: Ma Rainey, “Prove It On Me”

When I found out that I had a floating holiday that I hard to burn and my last opportunity to use it was Veteran’s Day I decided to use it for a little road trip, even if I did have a trip to New York and Boston on the books for a few days later. I’ve developed a fondness for driving around small southern towns with a good soundtrack and I wasn’t going to pass up an opportunity. I discovered the May Rainey house in Columbus after the Mississippi Blues trip this past spring and had big plans of getting there during the summer with the BFF and it never happened, even though Columbus is only about a couple hours away from Atlanta.

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Hominy Grill and the Angel Oak – Charleston, SC


I don’t normally go for the place that gets all of the attention from the food and travel shows, even as much as I love Anthony Bourdain and Adam Richman, because they rarely live up to the hype, but while I was in Charleston with a herd of fellow Butch Walker fans for his show at the Pour House we decided to visit the Hominy Grill for breakfast.

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Local Adventuring – In Search of the B-52s in Athens


I met Kate after I worked their rainy show at the Botanical Garden (which is why I look like hell) and my amazing client took off his backstage pass and gave it to me so I could go to the after party. / Fred lent his name to a coffee line and did a signing at America’s Mart that a friend smuggled me into.

Athens, GA is a town that I’ve had conflicted feelings about for a long time. I’ve never spent too much time there but I do make the 90-ish minute drive over for shows for the right band, most recently to see Alabama Shakes at the Classic Center. I’ve been to shows at 40 Watts and record shopped at Wuxtry and had deep fried delicacies at Clocked, but I’ve not done or seen much more of the city. Given the musical history of Athens I set out on a musical road trip to key landmarks in town, specifically for the B-52s.

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Mississpippi Blues Scavanger Hunt – Our Grandma’s Pancake House – Clarksdale, MS

20160415_081327Our Grandma’s House of Pancakes
115 /117 3rd St
Clarksdale, MS 38614

N 34° 12′ 5.449”
W 90° 34′ 27.324”

I went to the Mississippi Delta more than a month ago but I still can’t stop thinking about it. I’m so smitten with the place. I find little reminders everywhere, like this morning at breakfast. Rosie (my roommate/BFF/frequent travel companion) and I went to breakfast and sat at the counter to watch the cook while we ate out chicken and waffles. She was flipping some glorious looking pancakes and my first through was, “I want to go back to Our Grandma’s House of Pancakes” in Clarksdale.

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