Dragon*Con Dispatches: Ghostbusters Jillian Holtzmann Cosplay

I’ve always loved playing dress up. As a kid I started planning my Halloween costume in July and it wasn’t unheard of to convince my mom to make me a costume for my birthday party, like a poodle skirt or an outfit just like Jazzie.

As an adult I’ve wanted to get into cosplay, but it’s intimidating, especially when you’re like me and want to get it JUST RIGHT, not to mention expensive. For the most part of stuck to my own style of cosplay, which I describe as being somewhat like how a mom would dress her 8 year old. Instead of accuracy or the sexy version of something, I go for the simplified and child-like version. This has served me well as Red Fraggle and my favorite My Little Pony, Hearthrob. I was planning to go a similar route as Lisa Simpson this year for Dragon Con, the annual fan convention here in Atlanta.

Then I saw Ghostbusters.

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