Molly Takes Manhattan: Muppeting in NYC

Anyone who knows me knows that I have possibly less-than-healthy love for the Muppets. When I saw Steve Whitmire (voice of Kermit after Jim Henson’s death) and he pulled out Kermit I broke down in happy tears that I battled for more than an hour. I very vividly remember imagining meeting Kermit or just being in the room with him when I was a kid, and here I was in the room with the frog himself.

Soooo, one of the many research k-holes that I went down when planning my 3 days of wandering around New York had to be The Muppets. I found the brilliant tour of New York on Tough Pigs, but some of it was on the older side so I wasn’t sure what shape some of the locations were in currently. One morning I got up early and took myself on a hike with my Muppet’s playlist, a chocolate croissant, and the sweet, sweet nectar of life that is New York street cart coffee.



  • The Flipper Prints

Former site of the Muppet Workshop
201 East 67th Street, New York, NY 10065

A friend had tipped me off that Kermit’s toes were cut off by the threshold of the door to the gym that is now here, and it was sadly true. An unobstructed view is up on Tough Pigs.




  • The Muppet Town House

Former Muppet Workshop
117 East 69th Street, New York, NY 10065

It felt right to stand here listening to “Rainbow Connection“.










  • Jim’s Bench

Literary Walk in Central Park

By the time I got, 2 days and about 16 miles of walking into my trip, my feet were very ready to sit down for a break. I sat on his bench listening to the soundtrack to The Muppet Movie.

It was a short sit, though. I had about 3 weeks worth of adventure planned for 3 days.


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