Charleston – The Vinyl Countdown & Blue Bicycle Books


“It’s the Vinyl Countdown!”

Go home. It’s over. Charleston’s The Vinyl Countdown has won for best record store ever. There is no contest.

The Vinyl Countdown
724 King Street
Charleston, SC 29403

This shop was tiny but exactly what I wanted. It was mostly used records, and reasonably priced. I flipped through every single “cheap” record along the wall and most of the soul records in the regular section and walked away with these treasures for less than $25. I could have continued flipping through every record in the place but we were running low on time so I only spend about an hour in there.


The concept of the blues plaid on a flute was just too bizarre for me to pass up. Especially for $5. One of my favorite things to study and argue in my academic life is the notion of authenticity as it applies to art, so this begs the question of how authentic is blues that is plaid on the flute? What does or doesn’t make blues authentic?


And Spice Girls because…. zig-a-zig-ah.



Blue Bicycle Bookstore
420 King St
Charleston, SC 29403

I managed to hit Blue Bicycle Bookstore during a relatively short wander through downtown Charleston  before heading to the venue to get in line for Butch Walker (#frontrow4life). The tiny store front was deceiving; it’s actually a string of rooms and hallways of well organized (mostly) used books. I actually spent most of my time in the front with the staff picks, humor, and art section where I picked up a copy of Kermit the Frog’s One Frog Can Make a Difference: Kermit’s Guide to Life in the 90’s. I also found an old copy of Rod Serling’s Stories from The Twilight Zone for my dad’s Birthday.




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