Hominy Grill and the Angel Oak – Charleston, SC


I don’t normally go for the place that gets all of the attention from the food and travel shows, even as much as I love Anthony Bourdain and Adam Richman, because they rarely live up to the hype, but while I was in Charleston with a herd of fellow Butch Walker fans for his show at the Pour House we decided to visit the Hominy Grill for breakfast.


We were starving and sleep deprived since we’d driven in the day before after a seeing Butch at the Tabernacle here in Atlanta and a late night visit to the beach by the light of our cell phone flashlights. It was the usual thing when you have a group that no one wants to make a decision, so I did. It had stellar reviews and was only about 5 minutes from our hotel. I’m sure on a weekend there would have been a terribly wait at 10:30, but since we were there on a Monday morning it wasn’t crowded at all. It was without question the best meal we had of the whole trip. I had the Charleston Big Nasty, which is a fried chicken biscuit with white cheddar and sausage gravy. It looked a little small at first, but honestly I couldn’t have eaten it if it were much larger. I did scrape every drop of gravy off of that plate, though.

For desert the BFF and I split another biscuit slathered in their peach ginger preserves, which sits on every table along-side a small vase with a couple fresh flowers. We each jars to take home with us and I picked up a copy of the cook book for my dad (hi, dad!).

After gorging ourselves on amazing food we made the trek out John Island. I say trek, but it’s really only about 15 minutes. One of our adventurers is a biologist so she HAD to see the 1000 year-old Angel Oak, and we all felt like we needed to take the opportunity to listen to Shovels and Rope on Johns Island.

It was HOT… and I don’t really do outside, but it’s pretty much impossible not to be impressed by a 1000 year old tree. They also had a cute little gift shop where you could by all manner of Angel Oak related items.




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