Dragon*Con Dispatches: Ghostbusters Jillian Holtzmann Cosplay

I’ve always loved playing dress up. As a kid I started planning my Halloween costume in July and it wasn’t unheard of to convince my mom to make me a costume for my birthday party, like a poodle skirt or an outfit just like Jazzie.

As an adult I’ve wanted to get into cosplay, but it’s intimidating, especially when you’re like me and want to get it JUST RIGHT, not to mention expensive. For the most part of stuck to my own style of cosplay, which I describe as being somewhat like how a mom would dress her 8 year old. Instead of accuracy or the sexy version of something, I go for the simplified and child-like version. This has served me well as Red Fraggle and my favorite My Little Pony, Hearthrob. I was planning to go a similar route as Lisa Simpson this year for Dragon Con, the annual fan convention here in Atlanta.

Then I saw Ghostbusters.

I saw it 4 times in all.

I would have seen it more but… life. I almost even saw it yesterday but there wasn’t a screening I could get to around my hair appointment.

I am completely hooked on Holtzmann. I was the moment shots from the set surfaced a year ago. I relate to Holtzmann. I want to be her. I want to be her best friend. I can objectively see the flaws in the movie, but subjectively, I love it. I cheer in the fight scenes and adore the friendship. I love all of the assorted analysis of the gender politics. I love watching 4 badass women kick ass while not wearing skin tight rubber.

From the first viewing I starting building my cosplay for Dragon Con and I was going to do it on a budget of less than $100, which I arbitrarily chose based on an overtime check I got the same week.

Green shirt – $5 at Ross

Overalls – $20 (on sale!) from Old Navy

Necklace – $5 – parts at Lowes + empty Sprite can

Watch – $8 at Walmart – total impulse purchase

Glasses – $25 (and Rx from Zenni!)

Gloves – $8 on ebay

Shop coat – $12 on ebay

Socks – already had them

Boots – my own, I had some that looked more like hers but these were WAY more comfortable

Paint – $1.50 at Walmart

Pringles – $1.47 at Walmart

Ecto Cooler – $30 for a case

Total = $85.97, not counting the Ecto Cooler, which I’m not

And the results:



Dr. Jillian Holtzmann, brilliant nuclear engineer and goblin queen

I loved, loved, loved being Holtzmann. I love it so much that I wore it again for part of Sunday. I felt like a total bad ass stalking around Con munching on Pringles and sipping an Ecto Cooler. And it it got a great response from the people who got it. I was disappointed by how few new Ghostbusters I saw at DC.

Any guesses what I’ll be for Halloween?


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