National Puppet Slam at Center for Puppetry Arts


Polka dots, Puppets, and cephalopods

I love puppets. I really love puppets.


I grew up completely in love with the Muppets, Muppet Babies, and Fraggle Rock.

I have all of the Muppets and Fraggle Rock (at least that’s been released) on DVD, I have dolls, cosplay Miss Piggy and Red Fraggle. and have an uncle Traveling Matt doll who travels with me.


My love of puppets hit new levels a few years ago when I started attending Dragon Con and participating in the puppetry track, where I have managed to meet (and hug) Red Fraggle, Big Bird, and Brian Henson. While many fandoms have a bad rap for certain members perpetuating the idea of “fake geeks” and subscribing to the idea of “true fans” that have to prove themselves, puppet people do NOT do this. Puppet people are something more like, “You like puppets?! I like puppets! Let’s like puppets together!”


Dragon Con 2013… I hugged Red. Greatest moment of my life.

No surprise then that one of my favorite places in Atlanta has become the Center for Puppetry Arts, where I’m a member so that I can go and visit some of my favorite Jim Henson characters all the time, or catch cool shows and screenings.

This weekend I left my deep embed at Dragon Con (more on that later) to see the National Puppet Slam, featuring some of the best puppet slam performances from around the country. For those not in the know, puppet slams are collections of short form puppet theatre for adult audiences. The local answer to this is the Puckin’ Fuppet Show, hosted by grand poobah of #atlpuppetry Beau Brown, who also works at the CPA.

Below are my two favorites of the night. The first, by Joshua Holden beautifully captures the awesomeness of puppet people.

The Joshua Show – he was cosplaying Pinocchio at Dragon Con and it was adorable.

Honey Goodenough – yes, that’s her real name.


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