Local Adventure – Criminal Records

20160527_203544_Fotor.jpgCriminal Records
1154 Euclid Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30307

N 33° 45′ 54.57” W 84° 20′ 59.189”

Sometimes I take myself out just so I don’t feel like a shut in as much as anything else. It’s easy for me to fall into a rut so I have to actively work to not be there. Yesterday I took myself to Criminal Records, my favorite record store anywhere, for the listening party they were having for the new Monkees album, Good Times. I’m not too thrilled with the new record (It feels disjointed.), but they were doing a raffle for a prize pack that included the picture disc that I wanted on Record Store Day and I like an excuse to flip through old records. I was on a little bit of a mission, though. I wanted that prize pack.

Criminal has been around for decades in a few different locations, but always in Little Five Points. If a band is going to have an instore performance, it’s going to be there. Typically when I’m going to by an album the day it comes out, that is where I go. I’m not alone in my love for Criminal. When it was under threat of closing, customers rallied to raise the money to save it through “Save Criminal” tee shirts and events.

Since the shindig didn’t start till 7:00 I started up the street at Wax n Facts, another records store, which has a massive collection of 45s, which are my favorites to collect because they’re usually cheap. I got 5 for $6, and one of them was a copy of “When Doves Cry” for $3.50. See, cheap.

Down at Criminal my favorite record store guy Cliff was working. He’s an all-around awesome dude and is everything that any customer would ever want in a record store guy. He’s enthusiastic and helpful, and never judges you for your purchases, except for positively. He once gave a friend a 10% discount because she was buying a copy of his favorite Rick Springfield record, and it wasn’t Working Class Dog. We have similar tastes so it’s not un usual to see him at power pop shows around town and I once drunkenly “dirty danced” (his words) with him at a midnight Nerf Herder show at Dragon Con.

There weren’t many people there for Monkees when I got there, but there was what appeared to be a 10 year old girl and her dad. She was a superfan and knew every word to the new songs and had just seen them (well, two of them) at The Fred last week. She was adorable in her fandom. I was getting aggravated with her dad who kept showing her soundtracks and saying they weren’t appropriate for her.

While I was shopping I completely forgot that I had a gift certificate left from Christmas in my wallet, so I was trying to not spend much. Instead of serious shopping I opted to hunt for some of the more ridiculous items. Like these….


Yes, that’s a work out record that was a promotional item for Stayfree. And I don’t know why it’s sideways. The original isn’t, the edit isn’t. WordPress hates me.


Have you no shame?



Thanks to their massive comic and graphic novel sale I picked up this book, which is a continuation of the set of R. Crumb collectors cards that I have.


After an hour of record flipping it was time for the drawing… and I WON! I got a tee shirt, a coloring book, and box set, and my picture disc! If I had been a better person I would have gifted some of the swag to the kid, but I didn’t think about it until I’d already left, and I really wanted the stuff.



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