Mississpippi Blues Scavanger Hunt – Our Grandma’s Pancake House – Clarksdale, MS

20160415_081327Our Grandma’s House of Pancakes
115 /117 3rd St
Clarksdale, MS 38614

N 34° 12′ 5.449”
W 90° 34′ 27.324”

I went to the Mississippi Delta more than a month ago but I still can’t stop thinking about it. I’m so smitten with the place. I find little reminders everywhere, like this morning at breakfast. Rosie (my roommate/BFF/frequent travel companion) and I went to breakfast and sat at the counter to watch the cook while we ate out chicken and waffles. She was flipping some glorious looking pancakes and my first through was, “I want to go back to Our Grandma’s House of Pancakes” in Clarksdale.

Our Grandma’s House of Pancakes is attached to Grandma’s House of Blues and seats maybe 25 people. It’s small and when I was there at about 8 am there was only one other diner and one server, but service had picked up when I walked by a couple hours later. The menu was pretty typical breakfast fare, dished up on brightly colored plastic plates. Some of the reviews online complain about it being too simple. The sign out front boasts $1 pancakes, so if you walked in there looking for fancy then you’re the one to blame.

And those were some ridiculously good pancakes and everything that I wanted.

The night before I had wound up at Morgan Freeman’s Ground Zero simply because I was exhausted and lost in the dark and rain after missing the tamale place I was really looking for. It was OK, but it felt very touristy (not Hard Rock Café touristy, but still touristy) and was not the experience I wanted at all, so this place certainly made up for that in my eyes.

Rosie and I scarfed down our bacon, eggs, sausage, pancakes, and coffee so happily that I didn’t take any pictures inside. Actually the only picture that I too was of my view from my seat in the front window of the owner’s glorious 1979 Lincoln Continental. And I can tell you that the gentleman looked exactly like the guy you hope to see behind the wheel of such a grand car. I don’t know if it’s true, but in my mind he bought it in 1979 and has lovingly cared for it ever since.

I’m know my blog topic have been almost exclusively about the delta so far, but I just loved that trip so much and writing about it like this is all that is keeping me from yammering on about it nonstop to everyone I meet. In looking up a little more info on Grandma’s I found this quote.

“…trying to simplify a trip to the Mississippi Delta is like trying to simplify a book report on War & Peace.”

It’s true. I don’t think I can ever truly capture it, but I promise some more topical diversity. I might be going to Athens for the day on Monday, so I’ll have that to write about when I get back.


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