Mississippi Blues Scavanger Hunt – Robert Johnson’s Grave – Money, MS


Little Zion M.B. Church
Money Rd.
5 mi. north of Greenville, MS
33°33’48.18″N 90°12’58.92″W

There is arguably no better known legend in rock history than the tale the Robert Johnson went down to the crossroads to sell his soul to the devil so he could play the blues. It’s marketing gold! What better backstory could be invented for a bluesman? To top it all off he is the first member of the famous 27 club, musicians who died tragically and mysteriously at 27. When he died he had only recorded 29 songs, but those song would go on to be known as some of the “greatest,” “best,” “most influential,” and most covered songs in pop music history. Name dropping Johnson has become shorthand to paint a certain picture of the type of music fan that you are. Serious. A scholar.

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So We Begin…

crossroadsIf I won the lottery tomorrow, I would happily spend the rest of my life traveling, eating, geeking out about music, and writing about it all along the way. It’s all of my favorite things rolled together. Lately I’ve been dragging myself out of a bit of a funk. In the process, I realized that I hadn’t been doing much of any of of those things, in favor of saving pennies or just giving in to being too mentally exhausted from work, so I should get back to it.

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